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Smart Asset Monitoring Through Sound

Non-invasive monitoring for your assets powered by state-of-the-art AI

Let Your Data Guide Your Decision Making

The health of your equipment can be measured by the sound it makes. This fact, exploited by technicians for decades, inspired our  journey to develop our edge audio analytics system that  will record and learn from the machine sounds. The result is a robust and performant monitoring system that will alert you when sudden events or creeping changes require your attention.
Cloud Agnostic

We work wherever you are in the sky or on-prem

Non-Invasive Setup

Rugged microphones placed in your facility without interrupting your daily operation

Data Science at the Edge

Unleash the power of data science on-prem for quick response and early data reduction

Audio on Demand

Listen in to your remote locations, getting real time statistics, events and alarms

AI powered analysis of continuous data streams. Access from anywhere.

Our Edge Audio Analytics solution is capable of continuously recording and analysing up to 16 channels of 48kHz each on the edge hardware, and is equipped with a cloud agnostic control system utilising MQTT as the communication protocol.

On the edge, we run tens of models to capture the audio features and understand them. These models can be simple, like calculating the total loudness from a microphone, or advanced machine learning models used to classify certain audio patterns of interest. Only the relevant information, in terms of time series and audio snippets are uploaded to the cloud, reducing the cloud cost by several orders of magnitude.


Through the use of knowledge graphs and type systems, our containerised solution is deployed, configured, and operated such that consistency and scalability is ensured by design.

The Hard Facts


Analysis Models

5.5 GB/h

Processing Speed


Microphones Per Edge


Sample Frequency


Pilot Installations

Our Partners

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